High Precision CNC Profile Surface Grinding Machine



An introduction to wafer grinding:

The design of the wafer grinding machine is basically inheriting the work principle of a vertical grinding machine. A diamond grinding wheel is fitted to the air floating spindle. The wafer grinding machine performs vertical grinding on hard and brittle workpieces requiring rigorous surface accuracy and flatness. One evident example is the use of water surface grinding during semi-conductor processes. This process will decide the minimum sizes for wafer sealing and system sealing. In fact, the rigorous requirements for surface flatness and roughness in wafer surface grinding can be achieved only by a specially designed wafer grinding machines.
The machine employs an air floating spindle fitted with a diamond grinding wheel - the water is sucked onto an air floating table.


This machine is designed for precision grinding for various workpiece materials, such as, wafers, ceramics, quartz, glass and gems, etc.

Outsitading features:

Standard equipment:

Optional equipment:

  • The motor is built in the air floating spindle. High spindle running accuracy reaches 0.1 µ m.
  • The air floating table meets rigorous requirements for grinding accuracy.
    Table rotation accuracy reaches 0.1 µ m.
  • Feed resolution on the Z axis is 0.1 µ m.
  • Minimum feed rate is 10 µ m/min.
  • Rapid traverse rate: 300 mm/min.
  • Advanced powerful Fanuc Oi controller features full digital control.
  • Diamond grinding wheel
  • Spindle temperature controller
  • Flange
  • Vacuum pump
  • Ceramic vacuum suction table
  • Tool box with tool kits
  • Precision air dryer
  • Height gauge


High precision spindle:

High precision spindle The air floating spindle is specially designed to fully meet the rigorous precision requirements for wafer surface grinding. The motor is built in the spindle assembly. The spindle running accuracy reaches 0.1 µ m. Variable spindle speed ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 RPM.

High precision spindle:

The advanced air floating table is designed to meet the rigorous precision requirements for wafer surface grinding.
The ceramic table surface is precision ground on the JL-200SCG grinding machine to ensure outstanding geometric accuracy. Table rotation accuracy reaches 0.1 µ m.
High precision spindle

Spindle temperature control:

Water purifier:

Spindle temperature control The machine is equipped with a high performance temperature controller. It employs a plate type heat exchanger featuring high efficiency. The unit has comprehensive safety protection to ensure safe operation.
Purifying capacity is of up to 17-18 M Ω. Water purifier

Precision air dryer:

Precision air dryer When requested, the machine is available to equip with a high precision air dryer. It is used to remove dust contained in the compressed air ensuring high precision machining as desired.
The air dryer features high accuracy pressure and temperature control. The pressure regulation accuracy is +/- 0.02kg/cm2 and the temperature resolution is +/- 0.1oC.