Product Name : High Precision 5 Axis Milling & Grinding Machine
Product Description

High Precision 5 Axis Milling & Grinding Machine

Product Introduction

JL-20205X 5 Axis Milling and Grinding Machine contain the following contents:

  • With indexing table and two rotational axes (B and C) give the milling tool a multi-directional approach.
  • ATC can save time in changing tools.
  • A spindle with a hidden motor can make it lower noise, lower vibration effect, and higher efficiency.
  • All ways (X、Y、Z) are driven by servo motors that can provide high positioning accuracy.
  • Including 5 Axes application software.
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  • 20205X
Model 20205X
General Capacity  
Table size(Max. working piece size) (WxL)(mm) ψ200 (X200L)
X axis stroke (longitude)(mm) 588
Y axis stroke (cross)(mm) 283.5
Distance from spindle to table(mm) 430
X-Longitudinal Movement  
Table speed(m/min) 30
WheelheadVertical Infeed  
Rapid power head elevation(mm/min) 30
The Least Input Increment(mm) 0.001
Z-Cross Movement  
Powered Crossfeed(mm/min) 30
Z axis stroke (vertical)(mm) 600
Spindle speed(rpm) 24000
spindle tool specification HSK-E40
B axis  
B axis rotary angle(degree)  (+30 °~-110 °)
C axis  
C axis rotary angle(degree) 0°~360°
Min. angle graduation(degree) 0.001 °
Max. tool length(mm) 150
Motor stator spindle(kw) 4.5
longitude servo motor (X axis) (kw) 1.5
Vertical servo motor (Z axis) (kw) 3.5
Cross servo motor (Y axis) (kw) 1.5
Sound pressure level  
Sound pressure level dB(A) Below 78dB (A)
Machine net weight(Kgs) 3500
Machine floor space(LxWxH)(mm) 2700X2000X2150