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Located in Taiwan, the precision manual surface grinding machine manufacturer, Joen Lih Machinery is engaged in supplying stable, safe, and high-efficiency manual surface grinders to help your machining works.

Joen Lih's manual surface grinders, including JL-614, JL-618, and JL-818, can satisfy users' requirements of stability, accuracy, safety, and price.

  • Our manual surface grinders are made of the finest processed fine grain grey iron castings to reach outstanding strength, dampen inherent vibration, and realize accurate processing quality.
  • Since the table and vertical movement are manual, workpieces won't fall off from the table, and no danger will be caused even blackout occurs.
  • With small floor space, our manual series suit workpiece sizes from 150x350mm to 150x450mm.

If you are looking for the ideal manual surface grinders, please feel free to contact Joen Lih.

  • Manual Saddle Surface Grinder Machine
    Saddle series