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Joen Lih is a professional manufacturer of semi-automatic precision surface grinders from Taiwan. All Joen Lih's semi-automatic surface grinding machines feature accuracy, quality, and ease of operation.

Joen Lih's semi-auto precision surface grinders include saddle series and column series.

  • The saddle type semi-auto surface grinding machines, including JL-618SA, JL-3A818, JL-2550AH, JL-3060AH, and JL-4080AH, are suitable for a wide range of sizes from 150mm to 800mm.
  • As for column type semi-auto surface grinding machines, ranging from JL-5010AHR to JL-7020AHR, are well suited to workpieces over 1000mm and 2000mm.
  • Customers are allowed to choose a hydraulic system, manual operation, or rapid up and down for movements of three-axis based on their demand.

With these versatile grinders, customers can realize trial tests and mass production by switching to the semi-automatic mode or manual mode. If you need more information about Joen Lih semi-auto surface grinders, please feel free to contact us!

  • Saddle Type Semi-Auto Surface Grinding Machines
    Saddle Series
  • Column Type Semi-Auto Surface Grinding Machines
    Column Series