Product Name : JL-300CDG
Product Description

CNC Surface & Profile Grinder(Column series)

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  • 300 CDG
Model 300 CDG
General Capaity  
Table size
Max. Stroke
Max. distance from center of Spindle to table(mm) 730
Max. tableload(Kg) 1100(including rotary table)
T slots (diameter*number)
workpiece max. outer diameter(mm) Ø400
workpiece max. length(mm) 100
motor(HP*P) 15Kw 1PH8133(HP*P)
Speed(rpm) Max 8000/linear velocity<2000M/min
Dimension of the wheel (ODxWxB)(mm) Ø 405*50* Ø 127
LongitudinalMovement-Stroke(mm) 1100
LongitudinalMovement-all screw(mm) Ø40*25
LongitudinalMovement-Servo motor 5.23/1FK7103/2000rpm
LongitudinalMovement-Table speed(mm/min) 0~25
LongitudinalMovement-Gudieway double V way
LongitudinalMovement-The Least Input Increment(mm) 0.001
WheelheadVertical Infeed  
WheelheadVertical Infeed-Stroke(mm) 540
WheelheadVertical Infeed-all screw(mm) Ø50*10
WheelheadVertical Infeed-Servo motor(Kw) 2.29/1FK7063/3000rpm
WheelheadVertical Infeed-Powered Crossfeed(mm/min) 2400
WheelheadVertical Infeed-Gudieway 55 type linear guideway
WheelheadVertical Infeed-Speed reduction ratio 01:10:00 AM
WheelheadVertical Infeed-The Least Input Increment(mm) 0.001
Cross Movement  
CrossMovement-Stroke(mm) 550
CrossMovement-all screw(mm) Ø50*10
CrossMovement-Gudieway 55 type linear guideway
CrossMovement-Servo motor(Kw) 2.29/1FK7063/3000rpm
CrossMovement-Powered Crossfeed(mm/min) 8
CrossMovement-Speed reduction ratio 01:03:00 AM
CrossMovement-The Least Input Increment(mm) 0.001
CNC-320R + CNC-320R horizonal rotary + hydraulic  
table diameter(mm) Ø300
center height(mm) 210
tool specification BT50
Max. table load(Kg) 85
CNC-The Least Input Increment 0.001
indexing precision 15”
repeatability accuracy one way 4"/ double way 8"
brake torque(Kg.m) 142(hydraulic20Kg/cm2)
Wheel dresser  
Dimension of diamond roller (OD x W x B)(mm) Ø150*20~30*Ø52
Servo motor power/speed(Kw) 0.82/1FK7042/3000rpm
Machine dimension(LxWxH)(mm) 4225*2975*2558
Packing size (L×W×H)(mm) 4500*2290*2550
Machine net weight(Kgs) 10000
Packing Weight(Kg) 10700