Product Name : JL-50400CNC
Product Description

CNC Profile grinder for grinding Rail & Carriage(Grinding Linear Guide Way)

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  • JL-50400CNC
Model JL-50400CNC
General Capaity  
Table size
Surface of Magnetic (WxL) (mm) 80*4080
Max. surface ground(horizontal secondary spindle) (mm) 400*4875
Max. tableload(Kg) 2000
T-slot (size*number* pitch) (mm) 14*2*350
distance between two spindles (mm) Min.315 ~ Max.675
Distacne from wheel top to talbe (Z axis) (mm) Min.355~ Max.480
Distance from wheel bottom to table ( axis) Min.0~ Max.390
Distance from magnetic chuck to table (mm) 260
Two spindles  
Servo motor(continuous/30 mins)(Kw) 15
Two-Spindle speed(rpm) 1260 ~ 1735
Two-Dimension of the wheel (ODxWxB)(mm) ɸ510*50*ɸ203.2
Longi-Stroke(mm) 5500
Longi-Servo motor(Kw) 6
Longi-Table speed(mm/min) 0 ~25
Longi-Gudieway Linear guideway
Grinding Wheel dresser  
Dimension of diamond roller (OD x W x B)(mm) ɸ102*max.80*ɸ52
Max. Speed (rpm) 6000
Grinding-Servo motor(Kw) 1.57
WheelheadVertical Infeed(two axes)  
twoaxesY-Stroke 180
twoaxesY-Servo motor(Kw) 2.85
twoaxesY-Table speed 5.0
twoaxesY-The Least Input Increment 0.001
twoaxesY-Gudieway Linear guideway
Cross Movement(two axes)  
twoaxesZ-Stroke 125
twoaxesZ-Servo motor(Kw) 2.85
twoaxesZ-Speed reduction ratio Planetary gear reduction
twoaxesZ-Table speed(mm/min) 0.50
twoaxesZ-The Least Input Increment 0.001
twoaxesZ-Gudieway Linear guideway
Horizontal secondary spindle  
horizontal-Servo motor(HP*P) 10*4
Horizontal -Spindle speed(rpm) 3200~1570
Dimension of the wheel
(ODxWxB) (mm)
Y-horizontal secondary spindle  
Horizontal-Y-Stroke(mm) 440
horizontal-Y-Servo motor(Kw) 1.57
Yhorizontal-Table speed(mm/min) 20
horizontal-Y-The Least Input Increment(mm) 0.001
horizontal -Y-Gudieway Linear guideway
Z-horizontal secondary spindle  
Horizontal-Z-Stroke(mm) 410
horizontal-Z-Servo motor(Kw) 1.57
Zhorizontal-Table speed(mm/min) 0.5
horizontal-Z-The Least Input Increment(mm) 0.001
horizontal -Z-Gudieway Linear guideway
Machine dimension(excluding optional coolant system ect. )(mm) 14485*2610*2890
Size-Machine floor space(mm) 14880*4263*2890
Packing size (excluding optional coolant system ect. )(mm) 11100*2610*2890
Machine net weight(excluding optional coolant system ect. )(Kgs) 29300
Packing weight(excluding optional coolant system ect. )(Kgs) 32900