Product Name : JL-100VG High Precision Vertical Rotary Grinder
Product Description

High Precision Vertical Rotary Grinder

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  • JL-100VG
Model JL-100VG
Rotary Table  
Inner diameter of work piece(mm) ɸ50~ɸ950
Outer diameter of work piece(mm) ~ ɸ1250
Installing Height of Work Piece (incl. clamp)(mm) 600
Max. Grinding Length of ID(mm) 325(ID less than ɸ250)
500(OD greater than ɸ250)
Max. Grinding Length of OD(mm) 500
Max. tableload (Kg) 1200
Diameter of work table(mm) ɸ1050
Table speed(rpm) 10-80
Grinding Wheel  
Speed(rpm) Linear Velocity <33M/S
Dimension of Wheel for Bore Grinding(OD*W*ID)(mm) ψ100x50xψ50.8
Dimension of Wheel for External Grinding(OD*W*ID)(mm) ψ305x75xψ127
X-Axis Longitudinal Movement  
Stroke(mm) 1800
Ballscrew (Dia.*Pitch)(mm) ψ50x16
Movement Speed(m/min) 24
The Least Input Increment(mm) 0.0001
Guideway Linear Guideway
Z-Axis Vertical Movement  
Stroke(mm) 700
Ballscrew (Dia.*Pitch)(mm) ψ50*10
Movement Speed(m/min) 12
The Least Input Increment(mm) 0.0001
Guideway Steel Guideway
Angle of Inclination(degree) 22.5˚
Spindle Motor(KW) 20 (Built-in)
X-Axis Servo Motor(KW) 4.5
Z-Axis Servo Motor(KW) 5.5
Servo Motor for Rotary Table(KW) 11
Tool Numbers 6
Tool Type HSKA100
Rated Current(A) -
Net Weight(Kg) 17640
Gross Weight(Kg) 18000
Machine Dimnsion(L*W*H)(mm) 4400*5700*4000
Floor Space(L*W)(mm) 4400*4100