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Joen Lih Machinery, established in 1988, specialized in manufacturing various surface grinders, including high precision CNC profile surface grinder, hand-operated surface grinder, semi-auto precision surface grinder, etc. All Joen Lih Surface Grinders start from the finest Meehanite processed fine grain grey iron castings (FC30) selected for their outstanding strength and inherent vibration dampening characteristics. With more than 25 years of experiences, Joen Lih insists to manufacture only high quality products and we keep improving to meet our clients’ demand. For more information about surface grinders, please contact us

  • Rotary Table Grinding Machine
  • Semiconductor Grinding and Polishing Machine
  • surface grinder - JL-614/JL-618/JL-818 JL-614M/JL-618M/JL-818M JL-618SB
    Manual Surface Grinding Machine
  • L-618A/JL-2A618/JL-3A618/JL-818A/JL-2A818/JL-3A818/JL-2550AH/2550AHR/JL-3060AH/JL-4080AH/4080AHR
    Semi-Automatic Precision Surface Grinding Machine
  • JL-618ATD/JL-818ATD/2550ATD/JL-3060ATD/JL-4080ATD
    Fully Auto Surface Grinding Machine
  • JL-2550CNC-H/JL-2550CNC-B/JL-3060CNC-H/JL-3060CNC-B/JL-4080CNC
    CNC Surface & Profile Grinding Machine
  • JL-3080CNC
    CNC Profile Grinding Machine for Linear Guideway & Linear Blocks
  • High Precision 5 Axes Milling & Grinding Center
    High Precision 5 Axis Milling & Grinding Machine