Product Name : JL-D16
Product Description

Double-sided Lapping/ Polishing Machine

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  • JL-D16
Model JL-D16
General Capacity  
Diameter of lapping plate 1127 mm
Diameter of carrier(planetary carrier) Ø370mm
DP12, Z200
Quantity of carrier(planetary carrier) 5 SETS
Total processed quantity 6”Wafer: 15 pcs
8” Wafer: 5 pcs
12” Wafer: 5 pcs
Max. lappin,g thickness 40 mm
Min. lapping thickness 0.4 mm
Automatic thickness control Optional
Pressing method Air cylinder pressing
Pressure control Electronic proportional
Touchscreen PLC + Touchscreen
Internal gear disc 3 HP
Upper plate drive horsepower 5 HP
Lower plate drive horsepower 15 HP
Lapping plate speed 20~60 R.P.M.
Pressure on lapping plate 10 ~ 300 KG
Machine Dimension and Weight  
Machine dimensions W: 2300 x D:1420 x H:2550 mm
Machine net weight 6200 KGS
Machine net weight 6680 KGS
Power source 3Ø 220V (3Ø 380V)