Product Name : JL-200SCG/300SCGII
Product Description

Wafer Grinding Machine

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  • JL-200SCG
  • 300SCGII
Model JL-200SCG 300SCGII
Working table diameter ɸ200 ɸ300
Machine equipment One spindle/ on rotary table One spindle/ on rotary table
from Air floating spindle Air floating spindle
Number of spindles(mm) 1 1
Servo motor power 3.7 kw 15
tool ɸ250 (mm) diamond grinding wheel ɸ350 (mm) diamond grinding wheel
Speed(rpm) Min1000 ~ Max 3000 rpm Min1000 ~ Max 3000 rpm
Z axis    
Stroke 100 mm 200
Feed resolution 0.1μm 0.1μm
max. rapid movement speed 300 mm / min 300 mm / min
Stroke Air floating spindle Air floating spindle
Number of table 1 1
Max. speed 500 rpm 500 rpm
Table size(mm) ɸ200 mm ɸ300 mm
Max. tableload 15 kg 20 kg
Machine net weight(Kgs) 2000 kg 3000kgs
Machine floor space(LxWxH) 1000 (W)×1700 (D)×2100 (H) mm 1000 (W)×1700 (D)×2100 (H) mm
Machining accuracy    
Surface roughness
1.5 μmRa
0.02μm(FOR wafer)
1.5 μm/Ra
0.02μm(FOR wafer)