Ful 3-Axis Automatic Surface Grinder



Computerized auto down feed:

ATD Microcomputer Type Series:

  • The newest microcomputer controller & integrated types of varied grinding functions.
  • The motor control of the vertical shaft of elevating movements.
  • The speed adjustable system of vertical shaft.
  • The preset parameters of the lifting and space setting of varied grinding wheel.
  • The preset parameters of single in-put of varied feeding amount.
  • Automatic grinding system divides into three woring sections of initial step of grinding,the precision grinding,and the zero step of grinding.
  • Automated stop positioning selection function of the work head.
  • The hold-off grinding function for deep groove cutting
  • The complete feeding amount of automatic feeding:450mm.
  • Self detecting and alarm system.
  • Automatic stop function.
  • The detecting function of magnetic force.(selected item)

High rigid casting construction:

  • Heavily ribbed all meehanite processed fine grey cast iron,base,table,saddle and column insures maximum rigidity and vibration dampening for outstanding performace over the life od the grinder. X and Y slide ways are coated with "TURCITE-B" and precisely hand scraped allowing smooth movement & high accuracy.

Precision grinding spindle:

  • Direct spindle drive from high precision "V-3" motor,better tolerance and lubrication will result in longer service life. No fray or noise ,no vibration on spindle or motor.

Precision leadscrews:

  • Leadscrews are hardened by "Electroless-Nicklide" process yielding a controlled uniform 50Rc surface hardness. Precision grinding of the vertical and cross feed screws builds in tight but fluid motion control over the slides needed to maximize surface grinding positioning and accuracy.

Rigorous accuracy inspection:

  • Each machine is subject to rigorous accuracy inspection to ensure an accurate machining result.


1. Grinding wheel 7. Shackle
2. Grinding wheel flange and puller 8. Necessary tools with a tool box
3.Wheel balancing test arbor 9. Lubrication oil
4. Diamond dresser with diamond 10. Operator's manual
5. Machine lamp 11. Test report
6. Levelling screws set


1.Permanent Magnetic Chuck Electro Magnetic Chuck
2. Inclinable Permanent Magnetic Chuck
3.Paralled Dressing Attachment
4.Angle Dressing Device
5.Radius Dressing Device
7.Flood Coolant System Splash Guard
8.Combination Coolant and Dust Exhaust
9.Dust Suction System
10.Wheel Balancing Stand
11.Grinding Wheel Flange
12.Elevating Dial Set
13.Crossfeed Dial Gauge Set
14.Punch Former
15.Precision Vice
16.Halogen Work Lamp
17.Electromagentic Separator Filter
18.Paper Filter
19.Coolant System with Auto Paper Filter and Magnetic Separator